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Two in the Aisle
Point A to Point B at Arts on the Horizon

Read my audience experience article on Arts on the Horizon's show, Point A to Point B, published in TYA Today.

"The objective is simple: get the ball from one location to the next. The catch: the ball may never travel the same way twice. The solution: transform the common objects of your laboratory into vehicles powered by imagination and explore movement and rhythm in a musical duet of comedy. That is, after all, just good science."

A Collaborative Conversation: How a Projection Designer and Teaching Artist created “A Happy Space Party”

"In the fall of 2014 and the spring of 2015, we facilitated two residencies in Austin, TX as part of our new arts initiative called The 5th Wall Project. The goal of project was to combine dynamic projection design with creative storytelling and performance in a way that allowed students to view and experience their stories in new ways. During the project, we worked towards integrating the elements of theatrical projection and storytelling into a cohesive workshop. The workshops invited students to write, design, and record stories that we then edited together and projected onto the walls of their classroom. Along the way, we discovered how to create a balanced collaborative environment that placed equal emphasis on both art forms. This post serves as our reflection on the collaborative process and what we discovered through this partnership."

Designing Imagination: The Impact of Projection Design in TYA

"Recently, the use of projection design in live entertainment has become increasingly more prevalent in live performance.  It is easy to find examples of how this evolving technology can create impressive and awe-inspiring images special effects, but it is important to consider what it means as a tool for visual storytelling."