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my story

   I would rather see great dreams in small places, than small

dreams in great places.” 

-Robert Edmund Jones

I am a storyteller, and a seeker of truth.  I thrive on the collaborative process of theatre in creating and cultivating exciting and meaningful work.  My work as a projection designer is able to offer a unique voice and perspective to a production.  I have a background in scenic and production design, training that allows my design work to integrate and transform spaces after furthering my development to include projection and video design.

Outside of my work in theatre, I have designed events and concerts all across the country.  Working with Quince Imaging, I served as the art director and creative lead to develop a new court mapping animation for the Chicago Bulls in 2016.

I hold an MFA in Integrated Media Design from The University of Texas at Austin and a BFA in Scenic Design from Emerson College.

My work has been nominated for both B. Iden Payne, and Helen Hayes Awards for excellence in design.


Some highlights and favorite projects of mine include designing multiple world premiers for the The Kennedy Center by playwrights like Lauren Gunderson, Laura Schellhardt, and Finegan Kruckemeyer, as well as several NNPN world premieres including Robert Shenkkan's Building the Wall at Forum Theatre,

and a couple cutting edge adaptations at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.  


My dog, Bandit, has an extensive career as a tech dog but has not yet appeared on stage (intentionally).